bonsai turkey hijab jilbab modanisa fashion

bonsai turkey hijab jilbab modanisa fashion


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When Bonsai looks as MYSTERIOUS as an ALIEN, as DIFFICULT as you THINK, we are the answer !!! Let's play Bonsai hobby for Fun, Education, Entertainment, Positive Spending Time, Social Interaction, to love the Nature and environment much more, to Build the Friendship / Brotherhood / Link / Networking, Investment ... etc. So, Nge-BONSAI yuuuu ....... Asyik dech !!!

My Bonsai Adventure in USA

Bismillahirohmanirrohim ..... Asalamualaikum ...
The Best Gift from New Orleans
* BCI International Bonsai Congress 2009 *
" Survival The Storm "


Please join with BCI 
on for
Sharing of The Happiness in The Bonsai World. You'll get THE BEST !!!

Many Thanks to :
Mr. I Chi Su & his wife ... Helen, Donna Banting, Mimi " my new big sister ", Rob Kempinky, Ed Trout, Jim Osbourne, Bill Butller, Micth " Mick Jagger ", Cherill, Norma Puerto Rico, Enrico C Mexico, Qing Quan Zhau, Sandro Segnery Italy, Guy Guidry & Christ, Rick Mouton, Sean, Nacho Marin & karim Venezuela, William " Bill " Valavanis, Allan Walker, Diana + Lidsay + Glenis Bebb Australia, Jum & Linda Brant, Chiara, Peter Chan UK, French Quarter + Bourbon Street + Swamp, Visitors and many more ...

God Bless You All Brother ! You Gave Me THE BEST !!!