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When Bonsai looks as MYSTERIOUS as an ALIEN, as DIFFICULT as you THINK, we are the answer !!! Let's play Bonsai hobby for Fun, Education, Entertainment, Positive Spending Time, Social Interaction, to love the Nature and environment much more, to Build the Friendship / Brotherhood / Link / Networking, Investment ... etc. So, Nge-BONSAI yuuuu ....... Asyik dech !!!

My Bonsai Adventure in BALI

My Bonsai Adventure
*** Exotic BALI Island ***
- August 2009 -

My Works to my Client's Tree, Bonsai Demonstration, Lecture & Workshop at " Sanur Village Festival 2009 " for Sharing of The Happiness in The Bonsai World.

*** Many thanks to :
Mr. Winarto Selamat - Denpasar, PPBI Denpasar, Mr. I Wayan Suwendra, Mr. Delos " Bonsai Cafe " & Mr. I Wayan Jelantik - Sanur, Mr. Pande - Gianyar, Mr. Made Kari, Mr. Widi - Kuta, Mr. Agung - Tabanan, Mr. I Wayan Arthana, Mr. Gus Abyan, Mr. Nyoman Ada, Mr. Wayan Suka, Mr. Rofik - Kapal, Mr. Nano, Mr. Wayan Gun, Mrs. Ana - Serbia, Mrs. Catherine - California and many more .... Love You All .....


Salam Bonsai Selalu ... dan
Selamat Berkarya ...